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European Football Championship 2016

Conditions of Participation intern:

The organisers' decision is final. It is not possible to pay out the prizes as cash. The prizes are distributed among all participants. Errors and omissions excepted. METZ CONNECT takes data privacy very seriously and always makes every effort to collect and make use of all personal data in accordance with the relevant applicable data privacy laws. Your data is only collected and saved if you have given us your approval to do this. You give us your approval by clicking on the “Bet and win!” button.

Rules of the game

  • Participation in the betting game is free.
  • It is possible to place or correct a bet up to 1 hour before the game begins. Our Server time will apply. The two special bets “Top scorer” and “Teams in Final” must be given in before the first day of the games.
  • All the tables will be updated on the following day at 09.00.
  • What counts as the result is the state of play after the final whistle of the match (regular playing time + extra time + penalty shootouts).
  • The winner is the person who has reached the most points after the final game. If there is a tie for the number of points then the number of exactly correct bets will decide. If that still does not give a clear winner, then it will be decided by drawing lots.

Allocation of points:

  • 4 points for an exact correct bet,
  • 3 points for the right tendency, including the correct difference in the number of goals (for example, bet 3:2 - final result 2:1 or for each draw),
  • 2 points for  the right tendency, i.e. won/lost/drawn
1st prize 2nd prize
Fitbit Wristband Charge amazon Fire-Stick
3rd prize
Special prize "Top scorer"
Replica-Ball Tipp-Kick
Special prize "Teams in Final" Special prize "Round of 16"
amazon Fire-Stick Replica Ball
We draw 3 special prices amongst all participants  
MusicMan Wireless Soundstation