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METZ CONNECT extends the Modbus RTU family with the MR-Multi-I/O

A new member of the Modbus RTU family: The Modbus module MR-Multi-I/0 is a compact and rapidly to install solution to connect digital and analogue signals from the actor and sensor level directly to a control unit in building or industrial automation via Modbus RTU protocol. 29 I/Os, some of them are configurable, are available for different tasks.


Speed of light for building cabling – Fibre in the Home

METZ CONNECT OpDAT WV S (Wandverteiler)

The application possibilities for the Internet are becoming better and more diversified with each day – we can no longer imagine our everyday life without it. So, the Internet is used at work, at home or as mobile application. This makes it necessary that more and more data are transported at an increasing speed.


E-DAT modul in environment friendly installer packing – 12 modules without tubular film packing in a compact card box

As of now we are able to supply the individual modules of the E-DAT modul product range also in the 12 pack boxes that you already know since about three months from the equipped 19-inch patch panels of METZ CONNECT.


What do a children's hospital and an airplane have in common?

We could learn about the importance of the protection of buildings against fire damage in case of the airport Berlin Brandenburg. As in most cases of fire also human lives are concerned the safety in buildings is of highest priority. Fire precautions in public buildings with many people are much more complex than for example in one-family houses.


All fibre optic adapters available with ceramic sleeves only

Fibre optic adapters are central parts of a fibre optic network. Together with the high-quality METZ CONNECT connectors they offer reliable access points for measurements and connections.


Another nomination for the „product of the year“ contest of the German trade magazine elektrobörse smarthouse

The readers of “elektrobörse smarthouse” awarded the Smart-Meter-Gateway EWIO-M of METZ CONNECT with the third place in last year’s contest.


OpDAT Pigtails available in further variants

METZ CONNECT Pigtails 12er-Packung in Blister-Verpackung

METZ CONNECT Pigtails are available with all standard connector and fibre types. Our OpDAT Pigtails excel by their high quality: all pigtails are tested at 100 % on insertion loss at two wave lengths. The optical measurements are always followed by a final visual inspection so that scratches and dust particles on the connector front can be excluded to the greatest possible extent.


SM99 – Connecting the next generation Smart Home Controls

During a visit to the Electronics Design Show 2015 in Coventry, Chris Monslow, the Managing Director at Kielowatts Ltd was introduced to the SM99 and SR99 low profile single pole spring terminal blocks from METZ CONNECT.

On the hunt for connector solutions for his new range of Smart Home Controls the SM99 connectors appeared to be the exact solution that Chris was looking for.


Back to school: Fibre optic trainings for planning offices and end customers

Decision makers today are confronted with a variety of tasks related to the planning of buildings, industrial plants or data centres, particularly when it is about the network and the combination of all kinds of end devices.


METZ CONNECT wins at the light+building the third place of the "product of the year 2016" contest of elektrobö

METZ CONNECT gewinnte den 3. Platz beim "Produkt des Jahres 2016" von elektrobö

The trade magazine „elektrobö“ has asked their readers to name their 15 favorite innovative and useful products. Now the winners have been determined. The editorial office of the elektrobörse smarthouse had nominated in their edition 12/2015 50 products in five categories – building technology, lighting, building automation, electric installation & regenerative energies.