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OpDAT cable infeed straight with PG16

  • cover plate for OpDAT PA 19" patch panels
  • straight or inclined cable entries for OpDAT PA 19" patch panels with cable glands PG11, PG13,5, PG16, PG21
  • These parts are not required for OpDAT fix, slide and PF!
  • variants: straight cable entry PG11, straight PG13.5, straight PG16, straight PG21, inclined PG11, inclined PG13.5, inclined PG16, inclined PG21, cover plate

Technical Data 

  • P/N15081102-E
    Coloranodized alu.
    Feature 1straight PG16
    Feature 2
last update on Thursday, 27. October 2016 - 3:44