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DIN Rail Mounting Bracket for Wall Outlets - Horizontal Mounting 55 mm,
without separation cup

  • mounting bracket for easy to mount and compact installation of wall outlets in wall conduits to meet the maximum bending radii required for copper and fiber optic data cables. To isolate them from mains voltage-carrying parts, the brackets can also be supplied with plug-in separation cup.
  • mounting height 52 mm for Niedax, Nowaplast, Rehau (Signo series) cable ducts
  • mounting heights 50 and 55 mm for Licatec, PROTEC, GGK, Thorsmann Inka series cable ducts with adapters TTI-N70 or N215
  • variants: 50 mm white, 50 mm white with separation cup, 52 mm black, 52 black with separation cup, 55 mm black, 55 mm black with separation cup

Technical Data 

  • P/N1308895520-I
    Feature 155 mm


pdf Data sheet 1308895520-I 228.77 KB
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