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  • surface-mounted and 1RU or 3RU rack-mounted
  • ISDN TE HUB 1/5 is an active device and allows ISDN star-topology using the structured cabling of the building
  • one equipped 8-wire RJ45 input jack
  • 5 equipped 8-wire output jacks for max. cable lengths of 150 m
  • cascadable
  • terminating resistors can be deactivated
  • terminating resistors are required on wall outlets
  • all outputs fully bus-capable (reduced max. cable length)
  • connection to ISDN line or after phone system
  • two indicators for operational availability and bus activities
  • mounting in different distributor types (10 inch, 19 inch, top hat rail distributor, etc.) by means of suitable supports or surface mounting
  • low power consumption; therefore, high feeding capacity available for terminals
  • for max. 3 non-fed ISDN terminals (also with power supply unit)
  • no external power supply required; power is supplied from the ISDN-S0 connection (if NTBA supplies power)
  • variants: surface-mounted unit, rack-mounted module

Technical Data 

  • P/N130345-01-E
    Colorlight gray
    Feature 1Surface mount


pdf Data sheet 130345-01-E 264.77 KB
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