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Blumberg, July 2014

The C6A-System from METZ CONNECT is supplemented by two variants of the new C6ARJ45 field plug pro

Blumberg, June 2014

The new HDBT transmission standard for HD digital multimedia contents allows transmissions over distances of up to 100 m without loss of quality using the METZ CONNECT cabling system.

Blumberg, May 2014

Especially for small-sized and flat-designed devices in building automation, METZ CONNECT has developed a spring clamp terminal block with compression-mount contact technology.


Blumberg, October 2013

METZ CONNECT is extending its C|Logline range further by including products for building and industry automation using the powerful data logger EWIO-9180-M.

Blumberg, September 2013

METZ CONNECT now offers integrated application software for meter reading and shutter control for building automation in their BACnet units.


Blumberg, July 2013

METZ CONNECT is the first manufacturer to market an X-coded M12 jack for field assembly.

Blumberg, July 2013

For several years now, we have been following an international growth strategy and have jointly developed individual marketing and sales activities in our companies RIA CONNECT GmbH and BTR NETCOM GmbH, as well as bringing together processes and organizations worldwide.

Blumberg, July 2012

METZ CONNECT is continuously developing its range of M12 plug connectors: After the two-pair D-coded M12 plug connectors for Industrial Ethernet were introduced in fall of 2010, in compliance with IEC 61076-2-109, the Blumberg company presented a new version of the X-coded M12 plug connector for Gigabit Ethernet.

Blumberg, July 2012

Optimization for the customer: METZ CONNECT will be one of the first companies in the industry to enter into the C|Logline range of the LON series, with its powerful FT5000 BTR NETCOM brand processor. The new modules are already available on the German and international market today.

Blumberg, July 2012

BTR NETCOM GmbH, a specialist in building and industrial wiring in the METZ CONNECT Group offers a connection system for multiple applications. The connection units comply with the C6Amodule Cat.6A Standard ISO/IEC 11801 and are GHMT (Gesellschaft für Hochfrequenzmesstechnik) certified. The modules impress with their extremely high system integration capabilities and can be easily integrated into existing E-DAT modul and Keystone system applications.