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How METZ CONNECT products find their way to schools, hospitals and training centers for young people in Eritrea

In the past Volker Geisler has worked as telecommunication engineer for the city of Heilbronn where, in his function as network planner, he had used and came to appreciate METZ CONNECT products. Today he volunteers in the association „Grundschule Adi Belsey“ (elementary school Adi Belsey) located in Eritrea in the North East of Africa.


Pluggable spring clamp terminal block for DIN rail-mounted devices in the manufacturing sector

Rail-mounted devices in industrial automation:  These days process flows in the manufacturing sector often use controllers which for the most part are devices that mount on to DIN rail. These configurable control systems are designed to carry out multiple safety or monitoring measurements at machine or system level.


Our cable configurator with price calculation

When METZ CONNECT entered the market of pre-assembled cables in 2008, it became soon obvious that a configuration tool was needed due to the high number of different options. What has started with a little MS-Excel® chart quickly developed to a comprehensive bilingual tool (for a start).


Modification of OpDAT fix and OpDAT slide fiber optic patch panels

In addition to the newly established production of fiber optic assembly at the Blumberg site METZ CONNECT has also improved the product lines of the OpDAT fix and OpDAT slide fiber optic patch panels. This modification has once more optimized the design and improved the functions.


Market Communication at METZ CONNECT

The basis of marketing is the consistent orientation of the whole company to the market needs. To recognize changes in the market and a shift of needs belongs to the most important challenges of marketing; to be able to identify the possibilities for increased benefit and to add this benefit to products and systems for you – our customers.


Extension of the Ethernet M12 product range

To complete the METZ CONNECT range of M12 products a couple of new connection cables have been added. This means another step towards future-proof and high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet cabling in communication cablings, automation and control systems.


Optimization of energy and own-consumption in one-family houses with the Smart Metering Gateway (EWIO-M)

During the last 10 years a lot of photovoltaic systems have been installed on many building roofs in Germany, due to the government funding by the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG). Up to now, the electricity produced has been fed at fixed price into the grids of electrical utility companies. However, the systems were not allowed to supply electricity for own use.


Spring clamp terminal blocks with compression-mount contact SL/SC305 – „Design-in process“ at ILPER ELEKTRONIK

ILPER ELEKTRONIK (Tarmstedt/Germany) develops and manufactures high-quality products and solutions for security in old age and efficiency in nursing care since more than 25 years. The nurse call sector – particularly the new product iNET nurse call system – has developed to an important pillar of ILPER ELEKTRONIK.


In-house manufactured fiber optic patch cords

The in-house production of fiber optic cables has a high strategic value for METZ CONNECT. That was one of the reasons to set up a production site in Blumberg.


Perfect connections – also for the new world of images

In terms of entertainment electronics, the consumer is largely focused on the performance of the terminal equipment. Currently for example, interest focuses on terminal equipment with 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD). This new dimension in image resolution both fascinates and raises willingness to buy.