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METZ CONNECT wins at the light+building the third place of the "product of the year 2016" contest of elektrobö

METZ CONNECT gewinnte den 3. Platz beim "Produkt des Jahres 2016" von elektrobö

The trade magazine „elektrobö“ has asked their readers to name their 15 favorite innovative and useful products. Now the winners have been determined. The editorial office of the elektrobörse smarthouse had nominated in their edition 12/2015 50 products in five categories – building technology, lighting, building automation, electric installation & regenerative energies.


Trade fair review: light+building 2016

Messestand METZ CONNECT, Review light+building 2016

The motto of this year’s light+building in Frankfurt has been „digital – individual – networked“. We presented us at the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology from March 13 to 18, 2016 under the focus Intelligent Networks for Devices, Automation und Buildings. We have displayed our competence for pioneering network solutions on an exhibition space of 104 m².


New mounting videos!

METZ CONNECT Montagefilme

The mounting videos belong the most often downloaded documents of our website – an indication that hightlights how important such helpful videos are for many of you.

For that reason we produced three new mounting videos – about:


3D-Animation about the ST & SP series of spring clamp terminal blocks with eccentric lever

3D animations can show things that are normally not visible to the human eye. As for example the functionality of our ST & SP series of spring clamp terminal blocks with eccentric lever. What happens in detail when the stranded wire is inserted? That is exactly what you can see in our brand-new 3D animation!



Completely detached…
how METZ CONNECT helps conquering outer space

Start of construction of the new Russian spaceport Wostotschny (in English – the eastern) has been signed in November 2005 by the president-in-office Wladimir Putin. With this new cosmodrome the space nation Russia intends first of all to become independent of the spaceport Baikonur in Kazakhstan.


White paper "Remote Powering – Next Generation Power over Ethernet"

Networks in enterprises are growing further and are becoming more versatile and complex. Wireless Access Points (WAPs), safety network cameras, building automation and control systems as well as voice over IP telephony (VoIP) are now vital network components.


Splicing in surface-mount housings

Our customers often ask us “Are there small housings or surface-mount housings offering the possibility for splicing?“


The METZ CONNECT Patch Management System

The growth of a corporation is reflected in rapidly growing communication landscapes making corporations and organisations more and more dependent from the physical network infrastructure. The increasing growth of the infrastructure often leads to an insufficient transparency of the network and a complex documentation.


40 years of METZ CONNECT

April 1976, Palo Alto, California, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak set up Apple Computers from their garage and in doing so lay the foundations for the era of personal computers and with that the internet also.


Unshielded complete system Cat. 6A Class EA

Ungeschirmtes System Cat. 6A

METZ CONNECT offers an unshielded complete Cat. 6A / Class EA system. The system includes a Cat. 6A installation cable, unshielded black and white Cat. 6A modules in Modul and Keystone design and the well proven shielded Cat. 6A patch cords that are particularly well suited for unshielded channel links.